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How to order and pay for evaluation of x-rays of dogs living in Iceland. 

Before you make an appointment for your dog taking x-rays of hips/elbows you have to order and pay for the evaluation, to the Swedish Kennelklubb, SKK. This can be done up to 12 months before the x-rays are taken.

Here you download the referral and pay for the evaluation directly to SKK. By creditcard.

When the referral has been, printed out, filled out, and signed you e-mail it to vet@skk.se or send it by post to:

Svenska Kennelklubben, Avel och Hälsa, Box 771, 191 27 Sollentuna, Sweden

When we receive the form from you we will create a referral in the system and control your registered payment. We will then contact you, by e-mail, so that you can make an appointment with your vet to take the x-rays.

Make sure that you make the order and payment at least 2 weeks before the appointment at your vet. So that we have time to create the referral and control your registered payment.

Your vet will then send the x-rays to SKK for evaluation. When the evaluation is done you will get a certificate with the result, as a pdf file, to the e-mail adress in your order.

SKK will also send the results to the Icelandic Kennel Club, HRFI.

If you have any question you are welcome to contact us by phone Monday-Friday

13-15 pm on +46 087953366 or by e-mail at vet@skk.se


Download referral


Pris: 450,00 kr

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